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Frequently ask questions

1. How many loyalty points can you earn?

There is no limit. You will earn as much as you want.

2. Can I sell or redeem my reward points?

The reward points no can be exchanged or transferred, or sold. They are personal to you and you're the only person to use them.

3. How long are my reward points valid?

Your reward points are available all year, ample time to find something useful to you buy. In case of return or cancellation of product orders, received points for this order will be canceled.

4. If I take advantage of bulk purchasing discounts or personal, do I get points?

Yes, the loyalty points are awarded in ALL cases, including with coupon codes that you receive or through bulk purchases you make.

5. When can I benefit from vouchers?

You can convert your points into vouchers whenever you want from the next order.

6. J’ai un code de réduction, mais où faut-il le saisir ?

Saisissez ce code dans votre panier sur la page d’accueil afin d'obtenir votre réduction.